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We provide space for gay men to evoke their full authentic brilliance
– to honor, nurture, and celebrate their intrinsic nature. 




The vision of the Evoco Yoga is to create sacred and protected space in which practitioners can explore the richness and bounty of their most fundamental self, their community, and their own values. 

We celebrate gay identity; leveraging our intrinsic instincts to generate lives of contentment, self-reliance, communal responsibility, and dignity.



 Our attraction towards other men creates a unique culture that is fertile with connection, brotherhood and community. 

Internalized heterosexual-supremacy found in society's standard narrative on sexual identity hinders a full expression of the powerful, spiritual, and generative nature of gay men.

Using the traditions of yoga, meditation, and ritual we are able to release what does not serve our higher good, reveal our loving spirit, and celebrate our true Self. 



We love gay men, laughter, spiritual connection, sex, healthy bodies, enlightened minds, and open hearts.

We believe that understanding and loving ourselves as individuals makes the world a better place for everyone in it.

We are committed to offering transformational experiences for men to cultivate mindful, mature masculinity and to speak with an authentic, generative voice. 

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Evoco Yoga is no longer being held at Flux Rebelion. Sadly, they are closing their doors on June 1, 2019. While this is disappointing, we are excited about what the future holds.  We are actively looking for an alternative site and appreciate any leads you may have for a location that will accommodate 15-40 men.  

Below in the mailing address for Evoco Center. Or you can call 323.763.9300. 

1439 N Highland Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90028


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